不知道現在多倫多台僑用Advocating Genocide和Public Excitement of Hate控告郭巴子的案子進行的如何了?我在這裡先試著把郭巴子的言論盡我可能地重點摘譯成英文,方便更多網友把這群瘋狂中國人的惡形惡狀公諸世人,讓全世界都知道有這一群吃台灣人騎台灣人的寄生蟲族群。而所謂「台灣當局」就是這樣一個族群的大集合。

首先,先感謝眾多網友收集郭巴子的言論集,其中Joe and Jenny的






「台灣根本不值得愛,真愛台就要先敗台 。台灣只有自殺才能消滅寄附在身上的獨蠱 … 此為 置之死地而後生 。」 ( 《外交異形》 2005.10)
"Taiwan is just not worth it. If you really love Taiwan, first you would want to set it on fire. Only a total destruction can eradicate those pro-independece parasites on it. ...This is what we call 'Be dead and rise from the dead'."
-- "Alien Diplomats", Oct 2005

「現下歹丸實已不值得再愛。歹丸只剩 可恨 ,恨歹丸已是很普遍的心理, … 只有置之死地而后生。(我又胡涂了,這個鬼島, 死何足惜 ?)」 ( 《軍購宅變》 2005)
"Taiwan is not worth our love any more. There is nothing left but hatred, air of hatred permeating in Taiwan....The only way to do it is to put Taiwan out of its misery for a rebirth. (Here I go again! Why should I ever care? Just put it out of its misery!) "
--"On Military Procurement", 2005

「什麼民主?台灣從未有民主,都是民族問題、統獨問題,都是中國衰弱,日本侵略的遺留問題。倭寇侵華 血未乾 。」 ( 《他日安危終需仗》 2008.11.30)
"What democracy? There is no such thing as "democracy" here in Taiwan. We are talking about ethnic conflicts. We are talking about reunification against independence. We are talking about consequences of the Japanese Invasion. The victims' blood is still wet!"
-- "Here Our Fate Leans against", Nov 30, 2008
「明明是他侵略殺人,明明是他228毆殺中國人,明明是扁貪暴力,他竟賴他是受害者,要苦主向他跪歉。對這種人,只有槍桿子響了才會安靜下來」 ( 《誰應道歉,槍響便知》 2009.2.4)
It is those Taiwanese who play the invaders themselves; it is those Taiwanese who beat and killed Chinese in the 228 Incident; It was Chen Shui-bian, the prodigy son of Taiwan, who himself is corrupted and promote violence. Those Taiwanese should be so brazen as to claim themselves victims and forced us to our knees in apologies. Only gun roars will quite these scums down.
-- "Let Guns be the Judge", Feb 2009

焉不知歹丸倭寇最是畏威不懷德,美國殺其六萬,一倭屠其十餘萬,誰殺他姦她,他最拜服。」 ( 《二二八除惡未盡禍延今》)
"That was a total ignorance of the nature of these rotten Jap ass kissers: they know only fear, but not mercy. The Americans killed more than 60,000 of them, and the Japs killed more than 100,000. They adores only those whoever killed them and raped them."
--"Consequences of Our 'Unfinished Business' in the 228 Incident"

而那些說二二八是「窳政」,是「官逼民反」,誣我國最好清官陳儀者,都應以漢奸論罪。岩里政男可關戰俘營,漢奸殺無赦。 ( 《二二八除惡未盡禍延今》)
"Those who blame the 228 Incident on the government, and libel against Chen Yi, our best and cleanest official at that time, should be tried for high treason. Lee Teng-hui should be put into the concentration camp, and all those who committed high treason shall be executed. No mercy for them!"
-- --"Consequences of Our 'Unfinished Business' in the 228 Incident"

「 … 我是中國人,我 不恥于做台灣人 ,因為我從來都不是台灣人,也無恥不恥的問題。我只會一句臺語:『幹哩娘。』 … 」 ( 《 04 年扁舞弊竊政後》 2004)
"I am a Chinese. I am not a Taiwanese and I despise the idea of being one. I despise it so much that I do not even bother to articulate my contempt. The only thing I have to do with Taiwanese is 'Fxxk your mother!' "
--"On Chen Shui-bian, the Corrupted Usurper", 2004

「說台灣被西、荷、日都佔領姦辱過,故是國際雜種、多元化、不是純漢人。還辦福爾摩沙被殖民文物展來證明自己是 雜種 。」 ( 《雜種自得》 2005)
"They take pride in being diversified international bastards, instead of pure Chinese, by showing that their ancestors were enslaved and raped by Spaniards, Dutch and Japanese. They even held a exhibition about the colony days to prove that they are bastards."
-- "Those Pompus Bastards", 2005

「一般人以被說 雜種 ( bastard )為恥,台灣人卻以此為傲。」 ( 《陳若曦堅持無悔》 2007)
"People are ashamed of being bastards, while those Taiwanese are proud of it"
-- "No Regret for Chen Ruoxi", 2007

「 台灣人最下作 ,最落井下石,畏威不懷德,不知感恩。」 ( 《十億巴扁洗錢案》 2008.06.11)
Taiwanese are mean, and they grab every chance to hit you when you are down. They know no gratitude. They only know fear."
-- "On Chen Shui-bian's Money Laundry", June 11, 2008


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